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VBX Charts – An Overview

The suite of 40+ charts come packed with 400+ extensive properties to help you get the most out of your SAP BI investments.

A list of components and value-added features delivered by VBX Charts is highlighted in the tables below.


Chart TypeSAP®VBX
Bar, Boxplot, Bubble, Bullet, Column, Combination,
Donut, Dual Axis, Funnel, Heat Map, Line, Marimekko,
Pie, Progress Bar, Radar, Scatterplot, Sparkline Table,
Stacked Bar/Column, Tag Cloud, Tree Map,
Waterfall Chart
Drilldown Charts (Bar, Column, Pie, Funnel,
Pyramid, Tree Map)
Pyramid Charts
Super Combination Chart
Combination Charts - Multiple Axis
Stacked and Grouped Charts (Column, Bar)
Risk Matrix
Calendar Heatmap
Waffle Chart
Linear / Angular / Solid Gauge
Number / Circle (# and %) Counter
Fixed Column Chart
Pareto Chart
Advanced Gauge
Spie Chart NEW!
Sankey Chart NEW!
Parallel Coordinates Chart NEW!
Slope Chart NEW!
Stream Graph NEW!
Advanced Column Bar Chart NEW!

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Feature Highlights

Advanced Conditional Formatting
Identical Scaling for multiple charts
Support for permanent color assignment for measures and dimensions
Support for Lasso and Reverse Lasso Selection
Show / Hide series based on legend click
Local projections per chart to reduce the number of data sources
Custom Number Formatting options
Support for Hierarchies
Support for Drilldown
Support for Hierarchical Drill Down
Support for Hierarchical Labeling
Support for Trendlines
Support for Error Bars
Ability to rename Measure Labels
Export to PDF, XLS, JPG, PNG, SVG
Pinch and zoom on mobile devices
Extensive Scripting options for Advanced Properties
Extensive Tooltip Formatting
Extensive Legend Formatting
Extensive Axis Formatting (ticks, gridlines, plotbands, etc)
Extensive Title, Subtitle & Label Formatting
Extensive Chart and Plot Area Formatting
Extensive Margin, Padding, Spacing Formatting
Extensive Value Display Formatting (in axis, series, tooltip, etc)
Extensive Line Formatting (Borders, Shadows)
Support for predefined themes

*This information and Visual BI Solutions’ strategy and possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed by Visual BI Solutions at any time for any reason without notice. This information is provided without a warranty of any kind either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement


Stacked 100% Column

Stacked 100% Bar

Stacked 100% Area Spline Horizontal

Stacked 100% Area Spline Vertical

Stacked 100% Area Horizontal

Stacked 100% Area Vertical


Stacked Column

Stacked Bar

Stacked Area Spline Horizontal

Stacked Area Spline Vertical

Stacked Area Horizontal

Stacked Area


Solid Gauge

Semi-Circle Donut Vertical Right

Semi-Circle Donut Vertical Left

Semi-Circle Donut Horizontal


Progress Bar


3D Donut Chart




Combination Chart


3D Pie Chart

Angular Gauge

3D Semi-Circle Donut Horizontal

3D Semi-Circle Donut Vertical Right

3D Semi-Circle Donut Vertical Left

Stacked Group Bar

Stacked Group Column


Fixed Column

Heat Map

Super Combination

Dual Axis

Multiple Axis


Number Counter

Circular Counter



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